Epoxy Solutions Built To Last

Industrial Floors

Investing in your business by protecting your space from damage is always a good idea. Either a multi-colored or solid color epoxy creates an attractive, professional look. Standard warehouse flooring can become damaged over time and is more porous causing spills to seep into the surface. Epoxy coating is designed to withstand the wear and tear across a multitude of industries. Elevate any business with an Epoxy coating for a cleaner, more durable, non-slip surface. With a quick cure time and the ability to install in sections, we can resurface your space with minimal downtime for your business.

The Process

Water Mitigating Primers:

We use water mitigating primers to make sure your coating goes down and stays down.

Oil Mitigating Primers:

Oil can be a factor in shops of all types, not just automotive shops. Concrete can be permeated with oil, we use a special Oil Mitigating Primer to ensure that the coating goes down and stays down.

Acid Proof Coatings:

Worried about Acid? We can handle that too. From golf carts to forklift charging stations battery acid is tough on concrete coatings. We use a specially blended coating that will keep that spilled battery acid off the concrete.

Tough as Nails Top Coats:

Your business will probably require special needs for its concrete coatings. No matter how badly you abuse the floor we can provide the right coating for your environment using everything from epoxies to urethanes to Polyaspartics. Trust your floor to the pros at Epoxy Northwest.

Return to Service:

No one wants their business to be down while we install a floor. Obviously, that can’t be helped. However, we will work with you to use coatings that will ensure as quick a return to service as possible. We have the expertise and experience to choose a coating that will not only serve you the best but will also be designed to get us off the floor and you back on it as soon as possible. Just let us know the parameters and we’ll try to meet them.