Industrial Epoxy Flooring Seattle

If you are looking for a flooring solution that is safe and durable and makes a good impression on your business, Industrial Epoxy Flooring is the right choice for you. Resilient to damage, long-lasting, and cost-effective, you can quickly transform any space into a professional and functional area equipped to withstand heavy wear and high traffic. Contact Epoxy Northwest for industrial epoxy flooring today! 

Understanding Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial epoxy flooring is a robust solution that exhibits exceptional durability and chemical resistance and is easy to maintain. It is designed for manufacturing plants and warehouses and withstands heavy machinery, foot traffic, and potential chemical and acid spills. Compared to other epoxy flooring, Industrial epoxy offers the most durability and chemical resistance, making it a premiere option. The application involves surface preparation, primer, epoxy resin and hardener, and optional clear coats for added protection. Industrial epoxy flooring is suitable for any industry or business type.

Benefits of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Long-Lasting Durability

Your epoxy flooring can last decades with proper installation and quality materials. Being resistant to abrasions, chemical spills, and high impacts makes Epoxy flooring an excellent investment for your business or warehouse.

Limitless Design Options

Make your space your own by designing your custom flooring option. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, epoxy flooring is a versatile option that can suit any space or style.

Increased Safety

Epoxy floorings are commonly used in work environments or warehouses due to the natural slip-resistance surface. This results in a safer work environment for employees and customers - no slip or fall risk.

Easy Maintenance

Epoxy Flooring boasts a sleek, glossy surface that enhances aesthetics and forms an impenetrable barrier. This high resistance to liquids and chemicals simplifies clean-up, transforming it into a breeze.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

We enter commercial flooring projects with one goal in mind: get our clients to return to service as quickly as possible. 

1. Area Survey

Excellent results begin with proper preparation. Our team will come to evaluate your space to adequately address any potential issues upfront and deliver an accurate project scope.

2. Engineering

Once we know the objective, our highly skilled team will carefully customize an installation plan that addresses not only the aesthetic goals of your commercial space but also the functional needs.

3. Planning

After all preliminary planning is completed, we will carefully draft a detailed schedule encompassing all required steps for project completion. We meticulously ensure that we have considered all factors to deliver a seamless and pristine installation of your new industrial epoxy flooring.

4. Installation

With every commercial or industrial project we work on, our dedicated team at Epoxy Northwest goes to great lengths to ensure that your flooring is installed on time, on budget, and with extreme precision. Our goal is to get our team off the floor, and you back on it as soon as possible.

Epoxy Northwest is One Of The Leading Epoxy Flooring Installers in Seattle

The Epoxy Northwest founders have a combined 40 years of experience in custom concrete applications and business operations. They know the ins and outs of installing epoxy coatings on just about every type of foundation and application possible. They also understand the complexities of the environmental impacts here in the Pacific Northwest and can ensure optimal protection and durability for your epoxy floor coverings. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to educate you further on epoxy and provide professional flooring recommendations!

Advantages of Our Industrial Flooring Installation Process

Water Mitigating Primers

We use water-mitigating primers to ensure your coating goes down and stays down.

Oil Mitigating Primers

Oil can be a factor in shops of all types, not just automotive shops. Concrete can be permeated with oil, so we use a special Oil Mitigating Primer to ensure that the coating goes down and stays down.

Acid Proof Coatings

Battery acid is commonly spilled in industrial warehouses, wreaking havoc on flooring. We use a specially blended coating that will keep that spilled battery acid off your industrial epoxy.

Tough as Nails Top Coats

Your business will probably require special needs for its concrete coatings. No matter how badly you abuse the floor, we can provide the right coating for your environment, from epoxies to urethanes to Polyaspartics.

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